Foresight Financial Management LLC is an independent financial services firm serving individuals, families and businesses across 16 states. As a partner to our clients, we focus on helping clients steward their resources wisely, through lifelong guidance and truth filled counsel.


Our Philosophy

We believe a comprehensive financial strategy requires the navigation of all aspects of your financial life, not just your investments. Our Personalized Commitment to Service outlines the responsibility we have to assure multiple aspects of your financial situation are accounted for now and in the future.

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Our Process

We are committed to educating, organizing and preparing our clients for the inevitable financial challenges they will face. We gain insight to what matters most in the lives of our clients and utilize highly skilled resources to develop successful financial strategies that can be sustained over time. The benefit to our clients is the confidence they can have in knowing their intentions are now aligned with a clear plan of action.

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Individuals and Families

By asking thoughtful questions that help us better understand what you value most, we can align your most important intentions with specific recommendations that help you steward your resources wisely.

Once a plan of action is established, our responsibility is to help you stay on course. We will monitor changes in your life and adjust your financial strategies accordingly. Most importantly, we will encourage you to remain steadfast and intentional in your pursuit of individual and family goals.


Business Owners

Behind the decision to start any business lies the answer to one simple question – why? The question may be simple, but the response we are given by our clients varies widely. They desire unique outcomes and the people they wish to impact may include family, employees, community and charitable causes.

Understanding our clients’ desired outcome leads us to specific financial solutions that can enhance employee satisfaction, apply financial resources wisely and add value to their businesses.


Financial strategies can be complicated, but our process is not. We align our clients’ intentions with solutions that are simple and effective.


Personal Finances

Managing your day to day finances is an important component to any financial strategy, however few individuals are successful in coordinating all aspects of their financial affairs. Clear communication between your financial advisor, CPA and other financial professionals is essential.


Retirement Planning

Making wise decisions about retirement planning requires a clear understanding of taxation, inflation and potential market risks. A well planned retirement income distribution strategy may provide the confidence you need to know you won’t last longer than your money.


Charitable Giving

The decision to make a charitable contribution is not only personal, but it may have significant financial implications too – for both you and the charity. Understanding how to maximize the value of your charitable gifts can enhance the impact of your gift, while enhancing the financial benefit to you.


Business Succession Planning

For most family and closely held businesses, planning for succession is challenging and takes a back seat to more immediate concerns. Yet succession planning typically maximizes opportunities and potentially creates a multi-generational business that embodies the family’s values for generations to come.



Sorting through the myriad of available investment options can be complex and overwhelming. With more options than ever before, a process to identify effective investments that align with your unique intentions can provide simplicity and confidence.



Insurance can provide confidence of knowing your most important intentions can be accomplished under any circumstance. As the foundation of an effective financial plan, insurance provides the delivery of money at the time when you or your family need it most.